The silver hoard

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G 252209 A  Photo by Gabi Laron 2   Our amazingly talented conservator at the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mimi Lavi, has cleaned up the corrosion on the silver hoard from Area F and we are posting the first photo here (taken by Gabi Laron). The hoard contained five complete earrings, three earring fragments, three ingots and one twisted piece that might also have been an earring. It seems that the hoard should be dated to the Late Bronze Age, based on the style of the complete earrings. The jug it was in also suits such a date, probably toward the end of this period.
 Photo by Gabi Laron


 The process of cleaning the silver pieces was very difficult, as they were badly corroded.

IMG 1454  IMG 1540